The Expert Network of the New York Fashion Tech Lab is comprised of investors, industry leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully launched and scaled fashion technology or industry related companies.

They act as informal advisors for companies accepted into the New York Fashion Tech Lab, providing guidance on the broad range of issues addressed by entrepreneurs in this space. Lab advisors leverage both their expertise and network to provide connections, perspective, content and strategy. 

  Jesse Allouf,

Jesse Allouf,

  Cathie Black

Cathie Black

  Joe Bierman ,  Grace Beauty Capital, LLC

Joe Bierman, Grace Beauty Capital, LLC

  Ryan Bonifacino  ,   CMO & SVP Digital

Ryan BonifacinoCMO & SVP Digital

  Nina Boone ,  Aon

Nina Boone, Aon

  Gary Bravard ,  Adore Me

Gary Bravard, Adore Me

  Kenneth Bronfin ,  Hearst Ventures

Kenneth Bronfin, Hearst Ventures

  Jose P Chan ,  Parsons School of Design

Jose P ChanParsons School of Design

  Peter Corbett ,  iStrategyLabs

Peter Corbett, iStrategyLabs

  Ryan M. Craver ,  Lamour Group

Ryan M. Craver, Lamour Group

  Debra Danielson ,  CA Technologies

Debra Danielson, CA Technologies

  Caroline Davidson    Beanstalk Labs

Caroline Davidson
Beanstalk Labs

  Julie DeLoca ,  DeLoca Retail Marketing

Julie DeLoca, DeLoca Retail Marketing

  Sutian Dong ,  Female Founders Fund

Sutian DongFemale Founders Fund

  Nisha Dua ,  BBG Ventures

Nisha Dua, BBG Ventures

  Frank Fazzinga III ,  Grace Beauty Capital, LLC

Frank Fazzinga III, Grace Beauty Capital, LLC

  J. Skyler Fernandes ,  Simon Venture Group 

J. Skyler Fernandes, Simon Venture Group 

  Deborah Fine ,  Omnichannel Executive and CEO

Deborah Fine, Omnichannel Executive and CEO

  Jodie Fox ,

Jodie Fox,

  Scott Friend ,  Bain Capital Ventures

Scott Friend, Bain Capital Ventures

  David Goldberg,    Corigin Ventures

David Goldberg, Corigin Ventures

  Michelle Goldberg ,  Ignition   

Michelle Goldberg, Ignition

  Maria Gotsch ,  Partnership Fund for New York City

Maria Gotsch, Partnership Fund for New York City

  Kimberly Grabel ,  Marketing & Customer Experience Executive

Kimberly GrabelMarketing & Customer Experience Executive

  Bob Greene,   Contour Venture Partners   

Bob Greene, Contour Venture Partners

  Stacie Henderson,   The Communications Store

Stacie Henderson, The Communications Store

  Jennifer Hyman,   Rent the Runway

Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway

  Kay Koplovitz ,  Springboard Growth Capital   

Kay Koplovitz, Springboard Growth Capital

  Julie Larson-Green  ,   Microsoft    

Julie Larson-GreenMicrosoft


  David Levy ,  Amazon Web Services

David Levy, Amazon Web Services

  Renee Lorton ,  White Rock Advisors

Renee Lorton, White Rock Advisors

  William McClelland  ,   Grace Beauty Capital, LLC

William McClellandGrace Beauty Capital, LLC

  Sucharita Mulpuru-Kodali ,  Forrester Research

Sucharita Mulpuru-KodaliForrester Research

  Tereza Nemessany  i  ,   Microsoft   

Tereza NemessanyiMicrosoft

  Paul Raffin ,  C-Suite Executive

Paul RaffinC-Suite Executive

  Catherine Sadler ,  SADLER + BRAND   

Catherine Sadler, SADLER + BRAND

  Shilpa Shenoy ,    Marketing & Digital Strategist

Shilpa Shenoy, Marketing & Digital Strategist

   R. Adam Smith ,  Big Sky Partners LLC

R. Adam SmithBig Sky Partners LLC

  Libby Tuttle ,  Retail Consultant

Libby Tuttle, Retail Consultant

  Yolanda Wardowski,   Avalon Net Worth Group

Yolanda Wardowski, Avalon Net Worth Group

  Ellie Wheeler ,  Greycroft Partners   

Ellie Wheeler, Greycroft Partners

  Chris Guenther ,  Hearst International   

Chris Guenther, Hearst International

  Andrea Hippeau ,  Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Andrea Hippeau, Lerer Hippeau Ventures

  Alyse Killeen ,  StillMark Co   

Alyse Killeen, StillMark Co

  Lauri Kien Kotch  er  ,   Hello Products

Lauri Kien Kotcher, Hello Products

  Ashley Larson ,  Revolution     

Ashley LarsonRevolution


  Byron Ling,   Primary Venture Partners

Byron Ling, Primary Venture Partners

  Alexis Maybank ,  GILT   

Alexis Maybank, GILT

  Andrew Mitchell ,  Brand Foundry Ventures

Andrew Mitchell, Brand Foundry Ventures

   Marty Nealon,   Golden Seeds   

 Marty Nealon, Golden Seeds

  Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto,   Lattice Ventures   

Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto, Lattice Ventures

  Tami Reiss,   Cyrus Innovation   

Tami Reiss, Cyrus Innovation

  Dee Salomon ,  MediaLink   

Dee Salomon,

  Hana Ben-Shabat,   A.T. Kearney

Hana Ben-Shabat, A.T. Kearney

  Dalia Strum,     FIT   

Dalia Strum, FIT

  Ryan Wallace ,  NYFTLab   

Ryan Wallace, NYFTLab

  Andrea Wasserman,   Retail Consultant

Andrea Wasserman, Retail Consultant

  Amy Rosen Wildstein ,  Springboard Growth Capital

Amy Rosen Wildstein, Springboard Growth Capital

  Richard Harris ,  Intent Media   

Richard Harris, Intent Media

  Ailene Lee Holderness  , Marron Capital

Ailene Lee Holderness, Marron Capital

  Sharon Klapka ,  Adore Me   

Sharon Klapka, Adore Me

  Lauren Kucerak ,  Kucerak & Company

Lauren Kucerak, Kucerak & Company

  Lawrence D. Lenihan, Jr. ,  Resonance    

Lawrence D. Lenihan, Jr., Resonance


  Aliza Licht ,  Leave Your Mark LLC

Aliza Licht, Leave Your Mark LLC

  Kate McAndrew ,  Bolt   

Kate McAndrew, Bolt

  Howard Morgan ,  First Round Capital

Howard Morgan, First Round Capital

  Caryn Neary ,  Bene Rialto   

Caryn Neary, Bene Rialto

  Mindy Posoff ,  Golden Seeds   

Mindy Posoff, Golden Seeds

  Kevin Ryan,    Alley Corp   

Kevin Ryan,  Alley Corp

  Catherine Saul  ,   Retail Executive & Strategy Consultant

Catherine SaulRetail Executive & Strategy Consultant

  Michelle Simmons ,  Runway Capital

Michelle Simmons, Runway Capital

  Jana Trantow,   BlueRun Ventures

Jana Trantow, BlueRun Ventures

  Julie Wainwright ,  The Real Real

Julie Wainwright, The Real Real

  Deborah Weinswig,   F  ung Global Retail & Technology

Deborah Weinswig, Fung Global Retail & Technology