Business intelligence reporting tool built for retail decision makers, helping retail brands with intuitive reporting and accurate data in seconds. 


Brings the best of the in-store shopping experience to mobile, and the best of the mobile shopping experience to in-store with an API-based platform that integrates directly into new or existing retailer and brand apps.

Customer Engaged Pricing

Price optimization at the customer level.  Engaged Pricing by Nyopoly is focused on dynamic pricing at the level of the individual consumer, with an approach that is unbiased and non-competitive. 

Helps retailers instantly market and merchandise their trending products.  The company was acquired by Adiant in 2015.


High-performance natural fabrics to redefine customer experiences. We create natural fabrics with performance properties of synthetics while maintaining fabric hand feel and breathability.


Omni-channel software for merchants. Sync inventory in real-time between POS and eCommerce. Sku IQ enables merchants to list in-store inventory online in seconds while facilitating in-store pick up, online reservations, and same day deliveries.

Digital supply chain for the modern, faster and more responsive fashion industry- connecting brands/retailers with suppliers amd manufacturers globally.


Wearable technology lab that helps brands make electronic fashion and displays with cutting edge smart fabrics and textiles. 

Labs:  2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019