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Access predictive purchase intent for SKUs across entire industries enabling brands to drive sales directly from social media comments.


Digitize the physical world using the power of IoT to enable end-to-end connectivity across fashion, apparel and retail.


Visualization and image management platform that reduces the time and cost of generating images, thereby unlocking the ability to generate millions of true-to-life product configurations.


AI product recognition company, powering automatic product & outfit recommendations and visual image search for global brands and retailers.

Enables consumers to find their best fitting shoe. Consumers either take three photos of their foot or answer a few simple questions and get personalized recommendations from our retail partners.

Conversational marketing platform enabling retailers to send automated personalized direct messages to customers through social media and chat apps.


Enables brands to build meaningful relationships with customers by providing personal and contextual customer care through the shoppers’ channel of choice.


 Machine learning platform that connects products with all the content created about them to answer retail’s trillion-dollar question: “What should I buy?”


SaaS-based design and data management tools that aid apparel brands and manufacturers in their transitions to 3D design, automation, and mass customization.


Labs:  2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019