Christopher Calicott

Managing Director, Trammell Venture Partners

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Christopher Calicott is managing director of Trammell Venture Partners, an Austin-based venture capital firm focused on investing in highly technical seed- and early-stage startups in three core technology domains: Machine Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, and Cybersecurity. Thematic around these disruptors, the general partner of Trammell Venture Partners has subject matter expertise in these technologies, which it uses to support portfolio companies from a range of sectors and geographies, both from a technical diligence and a product development standpoint.

Calicott marries his own technology background with expertise in disruptive data analytics, machine intelligence, and multi-sided platform strategies, business development, and early-stage company growth mechanics. He is an advisor and mentor to early stage founders and also a coach to the startups in a number of accelerator programs. Recently he’s being called on to consider the impact of new market phenomena like initial coin offerings on the venture industry ecosystem, including issues ranging from capital efficiency concerns, to valuations due to on-balance-sheet crypto assets, to venture capital industry disruption potential.