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Cloth brings the best of the in-store shopping experience to mobile, and the best of the mobile shopping experience to in-store. Cloth is an API-based platform that integrates directly into new or existing retailer and brand apps, allowing them to increase customer data, engagement, and sales. Our unique profiling system gives retailers a better sense of who their customers are and what is in their closets, allowing them to better target and engage; while our in-app chat functionality allows retailers to offer customer service and complete sales in a way that is familiar to younger customers: Via conversational chat.

Seth Porges,  Co-Founder & CEO 

Seth Porges, Co-Founder & CEO 

Wray Serna,  Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Wray Serna, Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Bradford Stephens,  Technical Founder

Bradford Stephens, Technical Founder