Debra Danielson

Senior Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, CA Technologies

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Debra Danielson is a Distinguished Engineer and is Senior Vice President, Merger and Acquisition Strategy at CA Technologies.  She is responsible for identification of opportunities within fast moving and important new and existing markets, technologies and trends to achieve key strategic goals.   

Debra has held technical, strategic, operational and managerial roles over her 25+ year career, most recently as Senior Vice President, Center of Excellence, where she was responsible for common engineering services, competence for non-functional requirements, and site & skill strategy in support of the Development and Technology Group. This included Engineering Systems and Services, Global Site Strategy and International Labs.

Prior to that, Debra was Senior Vice President, Emerging Strategic Alliances focusing on developing business opportunities with organizations which are not traditional strategic partners with CA Technologies.

Debra was President of the CA Technologies Council for Technical Excellence from 2006 to 2009. The president of the CA Technologies Council for Technical Excellence is the leader and advocate for the CA Technologies technical community as a whole, and the Council in particular.

Debra joined CA Technologies in 1988, and has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of research and development.  

Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and applied mathematics from Boston University.