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Engaged Pricing (EP) is a white label software-as-a-service that uses personalized pricing conversations to provide smarter shopping experiences. The platform quickly and discreetly finds optimal pricing between an individual shopper and single retailer, and uses this engagement to improve product recommendations, remarketing, loyalty programs, and more. This pricing conversation approach is more efficient (and more fun for shoppers) than traditional flat discounting models, and captures shoppers’ true willingness-to-pay. EP is touchpoint agnostic, customizable, and non-competitive; whether utilized in-store or online, the shopper is always empowered, and the retailer is always protected.

Shawn Harris,     Founder & CEO

Shawn Harris, Founder & CEO

Joe Shartzer,    Co-Founder &     B usiness Development

Joe Shartzer, Co-Founder & Business Development

Tak-Sang Chan  ,     Co-Founder and Technology 

Tak-Sang Chan, Co-Founder and Technology 

David Hoffma,     Marketing

David Hoffma, Marketing