Veronika Sonsev ,  CEO & Founder, inSparq

Veronika Sonsev, CEO & Founder, inSparq

Richie Hecker,   Chairman & Founder, inSparq

Richie Hecker, Chairman & Founder, inSparq

Orian Breaux  , Product Manager, inSparq

Orian Breaux, Product Manager, inSparq

inSparq is a New York tech startup that is re-inventing how products are sold online. We are taking what is most compelling about real world shopping and building solutions that improve product discovery and social engagement for major retailers. The company is backed by an amazing group of angels and VCs, and has deep connections into the NYC startup ecosystem.

In July of 2015, inSparq was acquired by the digital technology company Adiant after meeting at NYFTLab's 2015 Demo Day.