Jesse Allouf

Head of Marketing North America, Yoox.com

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Jesse Allouf is a marketing professional with almost 10 years of experience in fashion ecommerce, currently the Head of Marketing North America for yoox.com, a global luxury fashion e retailer.  Previous positions include Head of ecommerce North America for Havaianas, a global flip flop and apparel brand, and Manager of Acquisition at Lord & Taylor / Hudson’s Bay Company. 

Redefining the experience of consumption while predicting and fulfilling unlimited consumer expectation are problems Jesse is striving to solve on a daily basis.  On a personal level, the advancement of technology over the last 5 years and the potential for what lies ahead is what motivates him to take a continuous learning approach to life.  Jesse is also in the unique position to triangulate the needs of the consumer, the needs of the business and determine what technologies his business needs that will generate value.