Jodie Fox

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist, ShoesOfPrey.com

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Jodie Fox is the Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at ShoesOfPrey.com - the world's first website where women can design their own shoes.  Started just 4 years ago, Shoes of Prey broke even at 2 months, hit multimillion dollar revenue in under 2 years and today is a global multimillion dollar enterprise.  She is also co-founder of SneakingDuck.com - an online optical fashion store focussed on the Australian market. 

Jodie's creativity and passion is directed into guiding both companies product and communications.  She is Telstra's 2011 business woman of the year for private and corporate, one of the top 30 most influential women in Australian retail 2014, one of the top 10 Australian female entrepreneurs for 2014 and a finalist for the 2014 InStyle Audi Woman of Style awards. See a full list of awards here.  

She is a banking and finance lawyer by trade who explored the world of advertising before starting my own businesses.  "I've almost always followed my heart.  I've never made a decision purely based on money - Instead I am driven by the desire to live a full life of doing what moves me."   Her passions span a number of topics that she loves sharing stories on, including:  Technology and how to use it to optimize disruption and Retail: clicks to bricks, multichannel retailing, the future of retail, just to name a few.