Ruchika Kumar

CEO & Co-Founder, SKU IQ

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Strategy extraordinaire, Ruchika Kumar is passionate about indexing the world’s in-store inventory to provide consumers a new level of inventory transparency.  With over a decade of experience at the intersection of retail and technology, she is an expert in understanding systems and their role in retail, from manufacturing to in-store operations and eCommerce.

Ruchika was trained in strategy and systems integrations over 7+ years at Accenture, where she specialized in digital strategy and received mentorship from senior management including the current CSO.  Prior to Accenture, Ruchika obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology in Management & Marketing with Textiles.  She supported herself through college by working in retail stores like Selfridges and Karen Millen.  Her years living in fashion-forward cities like New York, London and Paris inspired her specific interest in local retail and emerging fashion.