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SKU IQ software enables physical retailers to integrate their Online <> Offline inventory in real time for operational excellence and omni-channel revenues that 1) eliminates hours of data entry, 2) reconciles in-store and online inventory levels, and 3) allows retailers to participate in omni-channel commerce.  With real-time inventory available online, retailers can offer omni-channel shopping options like "in-store pickup", "same-day delivery" and "reserve in-store" directly from their web and mobile sites with 100% accuracy.

Ruchika Kumar,  &nbsp;  CEO &amp; Co-Founder, SKU IQ

Ruchika Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, SKU IQ

Mohith Julapalli,  &nbsp;  CTO &amp; Co-Founder, SKU IQ

Mohith Julapalli, CTO & Co-Founder, SKU IQ

Alexander Johnson,  &nbsp;  Sales Manager, SKU IQ

Alexander Johnson, Sales Manager, SKU IQ

Gabrielle Summers,  &nbsp;  Product Designer, SKU IQ

Gabrielle Summers, Product Designer, SKU IQ