Making its public debut with the NY Fashion Tech Lab, StyleSage is a strategic analytics web platform that helps fashion retailers and brands with critical in-and-next season decisions in local and global markets.

Our platform, often hailed as "the Bloomberg for fashion", analyzes over 1000 retailers, 23,000 brands, and 31M products across 17 countries.  We deconstruct their pricing, assortment, and promotions strategies as well as identify trending styles.

For brands, we analyze competitors to help them adjust next season's strategy, identify opportunities in new retail channel partners, and monitor what is happening with their own merchandise across channels.

For retailers, real-time alerts on competitor sales and promotion activities help them react swiftly to capture shoppers as well as identify overstock inventory that needs to be unloaded.

Built by both creatives and analytical geeks, the StyleSage platform is a true convergence of fashion and data.

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